Don’t Be a Photo Sniper


A “photo sniper” isn’t what you think it is; I will need to explain it. And…I wish I had been cute enough to come up with that title but I’m not. Credit belongs to one Mitchell Kanashkevich, whom I just recently discovered on YouTube with a video with the title I am using. (A link … Read more

A Question for You

The camera I own now is 4-years-old…and counting. Should I be thinking about upgrading?  An “improved” model was introduced two years ago and an upgrade to that will be coming this Fall. Undoubtedly, more pixels, newer sensor, more menu choices, and more buttons are on the way. There are several ways I could approach an … Read more

A Good Man to Know


Al Wood is a good man to know! You don’t have a chance to meet many people like Al Wood, who is extremely creative, totally aside from his photography. Over the years, he has been into wood carving, sculpture, working in bronze and even into some “serious” woodworking. For a period of 10 years, he … Read more

Confessions of a YouTube Junkie

Face on wall

I spend a lot of time on the web. I subscribe to about 25 YouTube channels, and regularly check out 25 or so other pages—a couple of them daily. More than once I have encountered the idea that I probably should spend less time reading and sitting at my computer and go out and shoot. … Read more

Working Together Wins Every Time

2018 Outing Planning Meeting

Your grandmother wasn’t the originator of the expression “two heads are better than one.” It first appeared in a book of collected English colloquial sayings, first printed in 1546, put together by John Heywood. We all know it makes sense and works in most situations. Today, we use the word “syncretistic” to describe an environment … Read more