Monthly Meetings

If you are not currently a member of our group but want to find out more, we would love to connect with you and give you a sense of what we’re about. Please feel free to Contact us

6:00 – 8:00 PM
(Networking and Photo of the Month competition: 6:00 – 6:30 PM)

The Brentwood Photography Group meets on the first Tuesday of every month. The meeting starts at 6:30 PM, but come at 6:00 if you want to network or enter an image into the Photo of the Month competition.  For special occasions, or when the meeting date falls on a holiday, the meeting start time may vary.

Each meeting is unique, but offers time to socialize with other members and listen to a guest speaker educate and inspire you in your photographic journey.  

The Brentwood Photography Group meets on the first Tuesday of every month. The main presentation starts at 6:30 PM, but there are various networking activities from 6:00 PM.  For special occasions, or when the meeting date falls on a holiday, the meeting start time may vary.

Each meeting is unique, but offers time to socialize with other members, opportunities to showcase your work, and a guest speaker to educate and inspire you in your photographic journey.  

If you are interested in our Photography Basics Course, that runs from 5:45 – 6:15 PM and it is open to members and non-members. 

The Photo of the Month contest will be available online rather than at our Monthly Meeting.

At 6:00 PM the Photo of the Month contest will be open and members are free to submit images according to the monthly theme.

Previous Meetings

Micheal Gomez


Michael started his commercial photography business in Nashville at the age of 24 and is the owner of Westlight Studios in Franklin, Tennessee.

With some college behind him, Michael took a suggestion from a friend and thought it would be fun to try acting as a career. After a visit to photo studio in Nashville for some commercial head shots, he walked away forgetting about acting and fixed on a photography career instead. Since that day he has never looked back. Michael took some basic courses in photography but had no concern about a diploma. He started to work as an assistant for some great local photographers and other national photographers coming into Nashville from larger markets. While working as a photographer’s assistant, Michael started to gain clients by shooting for local and out of town modeling agencies. Word of mouth advertising worked well for Michael and soon he gained larger clients.

Michael has mostly worked within the music business shooting music promotional shots for artists, and record labels. Other clients include advertising companies, personal portraits, models, actors, celebrity and equine.

John Paul Caponigro

The Power of Color

Lightroom & Photoshop Color Strategies

Take your color to a whole new level.

Learn new ways of thinking about color that will help you see and produce a wide variety of color effects.

Topics include …

  • 3 ways to make your images seem more light filled
  • 3 essential elements of color – Luminosity, Hue, and Saturation
  • 3 types of color – Ideal, Ambient, and Synthetic
  • Optical affects that influence you and your viewer
  • Revealing the infinite color variations that are possible for every image
  • Mastering neutrals
  • Why good color is so important to good black and white
  • Using atmospheric perspective to enhance depth in your images
  • Turning day into night
  • Transferring color from one subject to another
  • Successful personal palettes

Discover strategies for identifying and creating successful color palettes. Find out how many masters from the history of art did it and then craft a unique palette all your own, one that communicates your signature style as effectively as they did.

Put the unprecedented power and precision of digital color to work for you and your images now.

Dusty Doddridge

The Art of Black & White in Landscape

During Dusty’s presentation he will discuss:

  • Black and White Inspiration in the Landscape
  • The Case for Black and White in the Digital World
  • Composition for Black and White
  • Processing/Printing for Black and White

Dusty will also have a handout of resources for the group, a discount from a gear partner, and will give away 3 signed prints (black and white).

Bill Fortney
Bill Fortney

Light and Color for Images with Impact

Two themes that are important factors in creating images with real impact are knowing how to see and use light, and the use of color (and monochrome) to set off the subject.

Bill walked through how to use these two critical factors in our photography.

More information here.


G:\mCregg Photography\Customers\Brentwood Photography Group\Images\Website\Katie Delmez\Katie Delmez - Curator Frist Art Museum Nashville, Tennessee.jpg
Katie Delmez

We Shall Overcome:
Civil Rights and the Nashville Press, 1957–1968

More information here.

David Molnar - headshot
David Molnar

3 Natural light formulas for Pro-Quality Portraits

David shared 3 ridiculously easy lighting formulas you can use to create pro-quality portraits every time.

  • All natural light
  • No flash
  • Totally professional portraits

More information here.

BPG Members

2018 Round Table Night

Four different topics were presented providing a choice with regards to what area of emphasis they wish to further learn and explore.  The smaller break-out groups ensure a more relaxed setting; a setting that is more welcoming of questions and discussion.

More information and downloads here.

David Robert Farmerie
David Robert Farmerie

David Robert Farmerie – Personal Projects and How to Bring Them to Fruition

More information here.

Sam Abell
Sam Abell

Sam Abell – Canon Explorer of Light

Hosted by the Brentwood Photography Group and sponsored by Canon and Dury’s.

More information here.