Photography Basics


This class is designed for beginners who wish to build a firm foundation for their photography. 

These 30-minute sessions will be held on the first Tuesday of each month at 5:45 (just prior to the regular BPG meeting).

The classes will be held in the “Gathering Room” right next to where the photo of the month display boards are set up, in the lobby of the Otter Creek Church.

These classes are free of charge, and open to members and non-members.


2019 Schedule and Course Outline

Session 1 (5 February 2019)

  • Brief introduction to course content
  • How a DSLR Camera works
  • The Exposure Triangle
  • Taking Creative Control of your camera

Session 2 (5 March 2019)

  • Camera Settings – Modes, Buttons and Dials
  • Modes – A, S, M, P, Auto

Session 3 (2 April 2019)

  • How to take a Picture You are Proud of, Part I
  • Understanding Exposure
  • F/Stops, Shutter Speed, ISO, Lenses, Depth of Field, White
  • Balance
  • Light Metering Modes

Session 4 (7 May 2019)

  • How to take a Picture You are Proud of, Part II
  • Semi-Automatic Modes
    • Aperture Priority (A or Av)
    • Shutter Priority (S or Tv)
    • Automatic Mode (Auto)
    • Programmed Mode (P)
    • Manual Mode (M)

Session 5 (4 Jun 2019)

  • Lenses – Terminology and Information
    • Kit, Prime, Zoom, Macro
  • Full Frame cameras vs. Crop Frame cameras

Session 6 (2 July 2019)

  • RAW vs. jpg – Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Introduction to Post Processing and Editing – Tools and Methods

Session 7 (6 August 2019)

  • Picture (Data) organization on ANY computer
  • Picture (Data) backup and recovery
  • Q&A on any items in the course

For any questions, please email our Photography Basics leader.


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