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Photography Basics


This class is designed for beginners who wish to build a firm foundation for their photography. 

These 30-minute sessions will be held on the first Tuesday of each month at 5:45 PM (just prior to the regular BPG meeting).

The classes will be held in the “Gathering Room” in the lobby of the Otter Creek Church.

These classes are free of charge, and open to members and non-members.

2020 Schedule and Course Outline

Session 1 (4 February 2020)
Introduction to Composition

  • Finding the Subject
  • Process of Elimination
  • Three Principles of Composition

Session 2 (3 March 2020)
Enhancing Your Outdoor Photography

  • Challenges of Natural Light
  • Adding Interest with Backlight / Sidelight
  • Selecting the Horizon Line

Session 3 (7 April 2020)
 “Good” vs. “Great” Images

  • “Tack-sharp” Images
  • Selecting Focus Points
  • Using Depth of Field

Session 4 (5 May 2020)
Three Ways to Improve Your Images

  • Using Texture / Contrast
  • Low Angle Composition
  • Controlling the Highlights

Session 5 (2 June 2020)
Introduction to Flower Photography

  • Pattern of Threes
  • Depth of Field
  • Focus Points

Session 6 (14 July 2020) – via Zoom
Introduction to Water Photography

  • Managing the Light
  • Shutter Speed
  • Filters

Session 7 (11 August 2020) – An Introduction to Artistic Post-Processing.

In that class, we are going to address the creative and personalized application of post-processing. We will be discussing the “why,” as well as the “how,” in my workflow. In this class, we will use Lightroom Classic for processing several landscape photographs submitted by participants. Even if you are not a Lightroom user, the same adjustments can be used in Camera Raw.

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