The Brentwood Photography Group encourages and promotes the growth of its members’ photographic skills through education, exhibitions, and fellowship.

If you’re looking for a thriving photography group where you can learn, grow, share, coach,… you’ll love our group. We look forward to you joining us at a forthcoming meeting.

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Tuesday, July 2

Tom Keller
Tom Keller

180 Years of Photography

This year we are celebrating 180 years of photography. .. January 7, 1839 the Paris newspaper Gazette de France announced that Louie Daguerre, well known painter and owner of the Paris Diorama, would present to the Academy of Sciences a “…new discovery (which) will revolutionize the art of drawing”. 

At this round table we will be looking at the work of four noted (and one forgotten) pioneers of photography: Niepce / Daguerre, Fox – Talbot, Bayard and Florence. 

If you a curious about the way our avocation began, this is the presentation for you.

David Morel
David Morel

Lensbaby Lenses

David will share with you some sample lensbaby lenses and explain how they work. He will also show example prints made from images using the different lenses.

Sainadh Mallula
Sainadh Mallula

A Transition To Motion Picture

Painting with  light is an art that can be mastered with practice and imagination. The presentation covers a wide range of topics to get started with filming with basic to advanced cameras.

Stabilizing techniques and essential gear required for recording professional video and audio. Different formats and their purposes, lighting and setting up the camera ready to shoot.

Overcoming challenges during filming. Free resources to use in your project, editing software used. 

How to organize, edit and export the footage. Achieving the cinematic look and editing tips for hassle free work flow.

Renee Lowrey
Renee Lowley

How to Effectively Plan for a Photography Trip

I will share from my experience how to plan and make the most of your next photography trip.  In particular, we will dig in to:

  • Pros and cons of planning your own trip versus an organized workshop
  • Apps to help plan your own trips
  • The importance of research, scouting, and organizing a day to maximize the potential
  • The benefit of a specialist workshop: how to find them and what to look for
  • And a personal story from an Indian Reservation 
Kevin Graham & Al Wood

Analogue Photography

Al Wood and Kevin will discuss the steps of analog image capture, a way to bring new life to that old camera in your closet.

They will cover the following topics:

  • Types of cameras and film
  • How to develop the film
  • How to digitize the results

Regardless of your previous experience, you will find this topic interesting.