The Brentwood Photography Group encourages and promotes the growth of its members’ photographic skills through education, exhibitions, and fellowship.

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Photo of the Month Winners - February 2020


March  3rd, 6:30 – 8:00 PM
(Networking and Photo of the Month competition: 6:00 – 6:30 PM)

Shannon Randol - Finding an Audience for your Photography

Presentation Overview:
Unless you plan on keeping your images a secret, making the work is just a start. You must find appropriate audiences and venues for your images. This discussion will explore various methods of promoting your work including portfolio reviews, call for entry exhibitions, gallery solicitations, and creating an online presence. Part of the conversation will be an examination of promotional strategies and their effectiveness. 

A junior high teacher shared the idea of photography with me. Now I stand at the front of the classroom, hoping to connect with those that seek an understanding of the world through images.

I am an Assistant Professor at Middle Tennessee State University in the Media Arts Department and also Curator for The Baldwin Photographic Gallery. Our Photography program is designed to help students see the world in new ways and capture what they see as, commercial photographers, visual artists, or photojournalists. The program is implemented in a state of the art digital facility, and also maintains traditional and alternative process darkrooms. This unique blend sets the program apart and establishes a foundation for the students to build upon and evolve with the medium of photography.


Shannon Randol