Photography Outings


Each month the Brentwood Photography Group hosts a themed outing for members to join and take some great shots of places you might not ordinarily get to see.  Past outings have taken us to old churches, abandoned factories, car shows, and small towns around Tennessee and surrounding states.

Following the Outing, you can send one image to the event organizer and this will be added to our Outings Gallery page. Your image should be a .jpg sized to 2000 pixels along the longest edge.

To upload an image from the last outing click Outing Image Upload.

Hold Harmless Agreement

For any outing you wish to join, please download, sign and return this Hold Harmless Agreement.

If you would like to bring a family member or friend they must become a member of the Group before accompanying you.

Next Outing

The February Outing will be an overnight trip to Reelfoot Lake, on the 21st and 22nd.  If you want to photograph the eagles, this is one of the best times to do so.  There will be a free guided National Wildlife Refuge tour, meeting at 7:30 am on that Saturday.  The Peschio’s are coordinating this event and will have more details at the February meeting.

Reelfoot Lake Outing

Friday, 02/21/20

There are a variety of stops/photo ops along the way to the Reelfoot Lake area. If you have the time and enjoy photographing unique and different things, we ran across something out of the ordinary in our re-search for this trip…white squirrels in Kenton, TN. The following infor-mation is provided from “Kenton is very unique as it is the home of the largest concentration of white squirrels in the nation. No one knows for sure where the white squirrels came from. The city adopted the furry creatures and enacted laws to protect them. Those laws remain on the books to this day. Many local residents feed and care for the squirrels. The new white squirrel sanctuary has many feeders and breeding boxes among the 50 species of trees. The best time to view the squirrels is during the early morning or late afternoon hours since the squirrels take refuge in the tree tops during the heat of the day.” (This is not part of the BPG outing.)

White Squirrel Sanctuary, 411 W. College Street, Kenton, TN

7:00 pm: Dinner @ Moustos Pasta & Grill
1700 W Reelfoot Ave., Union City,TN (731-885-4480)

Hotel: Quality Inn Union City
2201 W Reelfoot Ave., Union City, TN (731-885-8850)

Various discount rates are available on the website. They offer free breakfast and parking. There are other lodging options in the area as well as neighboring cities. Reserve what works best for you but please book ASAP if you are planning to attend as eagle viewing weekends are very popular and room availability will be more limited as we get closer. With most hotels, unless you book a prepaid rate, you can nor-mally cancel the reservation as long as you do it within their allotted time frame so it’s better to have an accommodation and cancel if you need to rather than wait and not be able to get a room.

Saturday, 02/22/20

7:30 am: Meet @ Reelfoot National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center
4343 Hwy 157, Union City, TN
Admission & Guided Eagle Tour – FREE

The Visitor Center normally provides complimentary 2 hour tours for up to 5 visitors two times per day, at 8:00 am and 12:00 noon. They have graciously offered to guide the Brentwood Photography Group on a “caravan” tour at 8:00 am. Although the tours mostly focus on eagles this time of year, I have been told that the volunteer who leads them, Don Waggoner, is very flexible, and will be happy to make additional stops along the route if any of the participants spot something else of interest. Because they are normally for small groups, the tours through the NWR are considered more personal and intimate than those offered by Reelfoot Lake State Park and Mr. Waggoner will be able to accommodate the time needed to set up cameras for perfect shots (within reason). When I spoke to his wife, Doris, who is also a volunteer, she said that we probably won’t be limited to the 2 hours but Don will need to have some time for lunch before his 12:00 tour.

11:30 am: Lunch @ Boyette’s Dining Room
Hwy. 21, Tiptonville, TN (731-253-7307)
(Located across the street from Reelfoot Lake State Park Visitor Center)
This restaurant has been in business since 1921.

The “Blue Room” has been reserved for BPG. The room holds 25. Should we have less than 15 or so participants, the staff will block off a different area in the restaurant for us to be seated together.

1:00 pm: End of BPG Reelfoot Lake Outing

Reserve 2 nights if you want to join Vince & Sheila for the rest of the weekend! Extended itinerary will be available at the BPG meeting.

Past Outings

Some of the locations we’ve visited in the past:

  • Burgess Falls / Rock Island
  • Linden for WWII reenactment
  • Harlinsdale farm
  • East Nashville
  • Old Car City (Between Chattanooga and Atlanta)
  • 21C Hotel & Museum