Each month the Brentwood Photography Group hosts a themed outing for members to join and take some great shots of places you might not ordinarily get to see.  Past outings have taken us to old churches, abandoned factories, car shows, and small towns around Tennessee and surrounding states.

Following the Outing, you can send one image to the event organizer and this will be added to our Outings Gallery page. Your image should be a .jpg sized to 2000 pixels along the longest edge.

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2022 Calendar

Date Location
Feb 19
Rock Island
Mar 20
Apr 9
Mt. Olivet Cemetery
May 21
Fiddler's Grove Historic Village
Huntsville Botanical Gardens
Jul 16
Downtown Franklin Scavenger Hunt
Aug 20
Lane Motor Museum
Sep 10
Nashville Zoo
Oct 22
Burgess Falls
Nov 19
Radnor Lake Sunrise


Nashville Zoo

September 10

Where: Nashville Zoo

When: Saturday, September 10th at 9:30AM

Join us as the Brentwood Photography Group goes on the wild side! Our next outing is Saturday, September 10th at the Nashville Zoo. We will meet at 9:30am inside the zoo at the Historic Grassmere Farm sign (to the right of the carousel.) Non-Zoo Members will need to purchase a ticket beforehand. Once you enter the zoo you will pass the Macaw and Stanley Crane exhibits, before turning right to go past the Jungle Gym. From there you will see the Historic Grassmere sign to the right of the Carousel.

We will begin by exploring the Historic Grassmere Farm which includes the original Croft family house, livestock barn, and pastures. The house was built in 1810, making it the second oldest residence in Davidson County that is open to the public. After the farm, we will continue exploring the other areas in the zoo, including the newly reopened Tiger exhibit.

Outing Theme: This is an optional component to our 2022 outings, aimed for those that would like a little bit of direction or to try something new. If you are one that likes to do your own things, please by all means do just that! Our theme this month is patterns!

While we are exploring the Nashville Zoo and watching the different animals, think about the different patterns you might come across. You can tell the difference between the giraffes by the patterns of their spots. What other animals might have interesting patterns? For me, a trip to the zoo isn’t just about the animals. I love to see the details in the environments as well. The wooden posts for fences and the way the large ropes are wrapped around the tall poles near the spider monkeys make excellent subjects.

Equipment: For the Farm and Historic House I would suggest something fairly wide, however for the rest of the Zoo I would highly suggest a medium – long telephoto lens. My regulars for the Zoo include my 24-105 and 100-500. While tripods are allowed, I highly suggest planning to hand-hold or bring a monopod due to space and the movement of other guests around us.

Outing Summary:


Where: The Nashville Zoo               Meet inside at the Historic Grassmere Farm signWhen: Saturday September 10th at 9:30 AMAdmission: Non-Zoo members will need to by a ticket beforehand. 

Hold Harmless Agreement​

For any outing you wish to join, please download, sign and return this Hold Harmless Agreement.

If you would like to bring a family member or friend they must become a member of the Group before accompanying you.

Past Outings

Some of the locations we’ve visited in the past:

  • Burgess Falls / Rock Island
  • Linden for WWII reenactment
  • Harlinsdale farm
  • East Nashville
  • Old Car City (Between Chattanooga and Atlanta)
  • 21C Hotel & Museum