Each month the Brentwood Photography Group hosts a themed outing for members to join and take some great shots of places you might not ordinarily get to see.  Past outings have taken us to old churches, abandoned factories, car shows, and small towns around Tennessee and surrounding states.

Following the Outing, you can send one image to the event organizer and this will be added to our Outings Gallery page. Your image should be a .jpg sized to 2000 pixels along the longest edge.

To upload an image from the last outing click Outing Image Upload.

2022 Calendar

Feb 19: Rock Island
Mar 20: Cheekwood
Apr 9: Mt. Olivet Cemetery
May 21: Fiddlers Grove Historic Village
Jun 18: Huntsville Botanical Garden
Jul 16: Downtown Franklin Scavenger Hunt
August: Lane Car Museum
Sept: Nashville Zoo
Oct: Burgess Falls
Nov 19: Sunrise at Radnor Lake


Fiddlers Grove Historic Village, May 21

Travel back in time with fellow members of the Brentwood Photography Group on Saturday, May 21st as we visit and explore the Historic Fiddlers Grove Village in Lebanon TN. Join us as we experience life in a typical early village where people lived in a one-room log cabin, were educated in a one-room school, and worshiped in a small quaint church. Visit a blacksmith’s shop where cooking utensils and farm equipment were made. Visit a doctor’s office and see the buggy he used to make house calls to those in need far and wide. Step into Sam Houston’s law office and visualize Houston sitting at his desk in front of the fireplace. View an old cobbler’s shop and see a 1700’s log cabin and grist mill. There is also a funeral home, sheriff’s office, jail, drug store, post office, hardware store, barber shop, service station, radio station, sawmill, farm equipment museum, printing office, model train museum, caboose, and train station. There’s an early hospital, telephone museum, electric museum, and Century Farm Museum. Stop by the General Store for a cold drink and relax in a rocking chair on the front porch before you visit the feed and seed store. Along the way enjoy the many small gardens with native plants and pretty flowers cared for by the Master Gardeners as well as other gardeners. There are over fifty-five buildings that represent the entire Wilson County area, and each building has a unique story. 

We will meet at 10am outside the General Store inside the village. To get to the village, use the address for the James E Ward Agricultural Center located at 945 E Baddour Pkwy, Lebanon, TN 37087. There are multiple entrances and parking areas to access the village so we will meet outside the General Store. May 21st is also the date of the village’s Antique Power and Tractor show. For this reason, admission fees are being waved on this day.

Outing Theme: This is an optional component to our 2022 outings, aimed for those that would like a little bit of direction or to try something new. If you are one that likes to do your own thing, please by all means do just that! Our theme this month is shooting in black & white.

Black & White: If you research Ansel Adams and Edward Weston, you’ll notice they photographed primarily in black and white. One reason for this is that the world looks different in black and white, which means that you can think about tone, texture, and light in new ways. By removing color, the emphasis of an image naturally shifts to other compositional elements. If you are shooting with a digital camera you can change the Picture Style to Monochrome in order to shoot black and white. (The details of this are different depending on which camera brand you use.) You can also change the photography to black and white in post-processing. I encourage you to spend the day, or a piece of the day, exploring the world of black and white photography.

Outing Summary:
When: May 21st at 10am
Where Historic Fiddlers Grove Village in Lebanon TN
     Meet outside the General Store


Hold Harmless Agreement​

For any outing you wish to join, please download, sign and return this Hold Harmless Agreement.

If you would like to bring a family member or friend they must become a member of the Group before accompanying you.

Past Outings

Some of the locations we’ve visited in the past:

  • Burgess Falls / Rock Island
  • Linden for WWII reenactment
  • Harlinsdale farm
  • East Nashville
  • Old Car City (Between Chattanooga and Atlanta)
  • 21C Hotel & Museum