Betty Cowart - Open (Jt 1st Place)
Photo Credit: Betty Cowart

The mission of the Brentwood Photography Group is to serve our members by encouraging development of their photographic skills through education, exhibitions of photographic accomplishments, friendship with others who share a love of photography and to share our talents with individuals and organizations in our community.

Our group members are a mixture of beginning, amateur and professional photographers, with skills ranging from novice to expert. We shoot a wide variety of subjects ranging from portraiture to nature. Each of us wants to learn more, and to share what we have learned about making pictures.

Group Activities

Monthly Meetings

Monthly meetings with guest speakers on a wide range of photographic topics

Group Outings

Monthly group outings to take shots with specific themes


Monthly luncheons with other BPG members to discuss photographic topics and showcase your work


Periodic exhibits of our work in local galleries

Here are the definitions we use for several of the main events we hold:

  • Main Meeting Speakers: To inform and inspire…
    Speakers for main meetings are persons accomplished in one or more areas of photography (for example, as a maker of photographic art, an educator, a historian or scholar of photography as a medium…). Persons are identified and invited to draw on their expertise to inform and inspire members of the BPG.
  • Mini-Clinics and Photography Basics Workshops: To instruct…
    The primary objective of mini-clinics and workshops is to instruct members of the BPG in how to perform particular kinds of activities of photographic art-making. Mini-clinic and workshop leaders are identified and invited based on assurance of their well-established competencies for photographic art-making and for their competencies as instructors who can communicate well and can inspire and cultivate confidence in participants along with instructing.
  • Outings: To do…
    The primary objective of outings is to provide organized “on location” sessions for photo-making for members of the BPG. These Outings are planned and directed by the BPG Outings Chair. While most Outings are self-guided, there may be a few rare occasions when the Outings and Programs Chairs can work together to arrange an opportunity for an Outing to be led by one or more accomplished photographers also adept at working with a group of photographers so as to assist, where needed, with “seeing” possibilities and making photographs on location. Outing locations should be chosen and announced by leaders with some indication of what subjects might be most prominent for photo-making. Participants and Outing Leader(s) should work out an agreement in advance if the participant desires to make photographs on location involving subjects/subject-matters different from what was anticipated by the Leader(s) (for example, if a participant wishes to bring a live model for their photo-making).
  • Photo Critiques: To offer constructive criticism and encouragement…
    Critiques are to be led by an accomplished maker and/or expert of photographic art who is also an insightful reviewer of photographs able to fulfill the primary objectives of offering constructive criticism that informs and inspires participants to improve their senses of themselves, and their confidence, as photographers, thus to improve their senses of the objectives, subjects, and means of photographic art-making thereby inspiring participants to find, refine, to continue their quests to become more accomplished and confident photographic artists. From a practical standpoint, we hold photo critiques once or twice a year, usually during one of the monthly Mini Clinic times.