Do BPG Members Sometimes Have Too Much Fun?

First, I believe that I have participated in most of the 100, or so, monthly outings our group has offered during the 10 years I have been a member. It has been very clear to me that those who participated took a lot of pictures in weather that turned out to be mostly good, and got exercise and talked a lot with one another around a meal of some sort. In short, we enjoyed ourselves. I frankly have never fully understood why these events have not attracted more photogs. 


The outing in August was different. The talking was not around a closing meal but rather was connected to the actual snapping of shutters. More than once I saw a photographer showing his/her LCD to another person. There were smiles, even laughter at times. It was a much more relaxed environment. For those of you who were not there, this occurred in the photography lab at the Nossi College of Art. 


Now tell me: how many opportunities have you had to use someone else’s “thingy” attached to the hot shoe of your camera that fires someone else’s professional strobe or strobes, throwing just exactly the correct amount of light on the subject through somebody else’s professional reflector and/or soft box? How about having a professional model, 3 classic cars, complete with drivers, and a set- up that included a hot sauce bottle with real, honest-to-goodness flames behind it? And with skilled instructors at your side? And all of this not costing you a penny other than the cost of driving to the location? 


And (for once), a perfectly exposed and lighted image every time? It’s no wonder everybody was so happy. In a way, it reminded me of the black and white lab course I took at Nashville State Community College when I watched a piece of paper soaking in a clear chemical slowly morph into one of my pictures. Amazing! My lighting courses there were pretty much the same experience as everyone had at the Nossi lab. 


I cannot prove or disprove the premise suggested by my title. What I can prove is that the BPG monthly outings provide a good way to improve skills in a variety of situations and to meet and cultivate new friends. You are missing out if you stay away from them. 


Trust me on this and join us!

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