Brentwood Photography Group Exhibits

Call for BPG Submissions

Throughout the year, we periodically have opportunities to exhibit our members’ works at galleries around Nashville and surrounding areas.  Contact our Exhibits Organizer with any questions.

All BPG members in good standing with the Brentwood Photography Group are encouraged to enter.  Members will receive one President’s Cup point for your submission.

Image Submission Form

Before uploading, please remember to name your file(s) per the instructions.

Please note: Recommended browsers are Chrome and Firefox (Internet Explorer is not supported). 

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Framing Guide


All participating images need to be in a 16″ x 20″ frame with a 1-2” wooden black frame. Double matting is allowed. Note that frames are measured by the size of the opening in the back not by the outside of the frame. Mats should be a minimum of 2”.

Metal or plastic frames will not be accepted.

Hanging hardware must be fixed to the back (D-rings and wire). Wire should be 2½” from top of frame and attached to the frame itself.

There are many ways to sign your image. If the mat is going to come up to the edge of the image the artist should sign the back or front of the image. The mat may also be signed. If your image is going to be offset from mat (see above) it should be signed on the front of the image, not the mat. Whichever you choose, remember that the mat can at some point become separated from the image so it is important to have the image signed.

Theses examples should help bring clarity how to frame for both landscape and portrait orientation photos.