How Do You Know That Your Photography Is Getting Better?

This is the time of year when we’re approaching the New Year tradition of a little self-evaluation and goal setting. Some years I dabble a little in this, some years not, but always on the level of weight control or something about myself I would like to change. But I can’t recall ever doing this in the area of cameras or photography. You?

Anyway, there’s this Australian wedding and portrait professional by the name of Mike Biblino who doubles (apparently) as a free photo advice giver. I came across a recent web article of his entitled “10 Signs Your Photography Is Improving.” Here’s his list plus a link for the complete article:

  1. It has become second nature to pre-visualize all your photos
  2. You no longer say I will fix it later in photoshop or lightroom
  3. You take less photos and are happy with them
  4. You no longer think a new camera or lens will make you a better photographer
  5. You bring less equipment when you’re out photographing
  6. You spend less time editing your photos
  7. When you look back at old photos, you notice improvement and consistency
  8. You have become more comfortable with your camera
  9. You understand your subjects better
  10. You’re comfortable printing your photos

I’m going to spend more time checking myself against all of these before I get through. Meanwhile, there are some things that are NOT included that I think probably ought to be in such a list, at least as far as my own photography is concerned. These come to mind:

  1. You schedule regular times for taking pictures…all the time
  2. Your photos consistently lack evidence of camera shake
  3. You have nailed all the improvements in your post-processing software

As soon as I get this little document to bed, I intend to give some thought to the progress or lack thereof my personal photographic skills have made. And I just may take the important step of setting some goals for myself. I hope you will consider joining me.

P.S. The photograph accompanying this blog is of Radnor Lake and was made 32 years ago. It was the scan of a slide and the scanning color was weird and unusable. At least my recognition of the availability of post-processing software improvement and my personal skill in using is has gotten better.

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