The 12 Bar Photo Technique

Susan Hay - Nature

There’s a guy out there by the name of Keith Carter whose work you might want to get to know. He’s an American artist, photographer, and educator who has a way with words. When you have time, watch this 43 minute video on what he describes as the Twelve Bar Photo Technique. It begins with … Read more

Useless Camera Features

Britisher Mike Browne has a recent YouTube video by this title. It is filmed in an environment with which most of us are familiar: the exposition part of a convention/training meeting, filled with displays by manufacturers of camera equipment. The video attempts to point out that, in fact, most of the features on today’s cameras … Read more

Discovering What’s Really Important

Nick Dantona

Today’s blog is NOT about photography; rather, it’s about life…mine and yours, and about how we ought to be living it. It comes to you with the permission of Nick Dantona. Read on. Many of you know Nick. That’s him in today’s image, teaching a BPG roundtable on how to develop an “artist’s statement.” And … Read more

The Smile Says It All

Lou Outlaw

In all my college and university years, I have had frequent conversations with professors but never with one who has had a camera in his hand since he was a kid. But Lou Outlaw got his first at maybe 6 years of age because he was captivated by an adult always bringing a camera to … Read more

Things I Wish I Had Known in 2007

Light bulb idea

Let me explain the “2007:” this was when I bought my first digital camera, a Canon 30D, and became, as we now describe it, “an enthusiast” photographer. I spent a lot of time and effort teaching myself and, in the process, produced predominately mediocre images. I have recently been looking back at these early digital … Read more

The Photographer’s Best Friend

Ed_Batsel-The Photographer’s Best Friend

Let me cut to the chase…the photographer’s best friend is another photographer! What I have in mind is the forming of personal relationships with other photographers that you and I should work at whenever and wherever possible. “Become a member of and participate in the activities of a camera club” appears frequently in presentations by … Read more