Working Together Wins Every Time

Your grandmother wasn’t the originator of the expression “two heads are better than one.” It first appeared in a book of collected English colloquial sayings, first printed in 1546, put together by John Heywood. We all know it makes sense and works in most situations. Today, we use the word “syncretistic” to describe an environment where people work together, because they have learned that the sum is better than its parts.

The Brentwood Photography Group is syncretistic—in spades! For example, take this photograph. That’s Ken Wilkens, the current leader for our monthly outings. (The blonde head on the left is Susan James, his wife, and Ken’s co-leader.) Ten times throughout the year, from February through November, we gather somewhere as a group, spend a couple of hours using our cameras, then meet for lunch. Sometimes there are some rules we must follow, sometimes not. In January, we met for lunch and, as a group, plan outings for the rest of the year.

Anyone can suggest a place to shoot, which is listed on newsprint. When everyone has had their say, we vote and the 10 places receiving the most votes from the list is our agenda for the year.

Two heads ARE better than one. Syncretistic. That’s the Brentwood Photography Group.

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