Weekly Challenge

To help keep our photography skills sharp during these “never before experienced” times, each Sunday will begin a new challenge. Saturday will be your last day to upload your images, for that week’s challenge.


Basic Rules:

  • Images should be captured during the week of the challenge to which you are submitting an image.  
  • Images should be captured on your property.  We don’t want anyone risking their health, or the health of others, for these challenges.
  • These challenges are not judged and are not eligible for President’s Cup points.
  • Have fun! Try something new and use the BPG Facebook group if you have questions, or need help trying to figure something out.

Keep these limits in mind when uploading:

  • Please limit uploads to 2 or 3 images, per challenge.
  • Ideally, use the same upload guidelines as Exhibits.
  • Name files as Name + Challenge Name + Sequence.jpg (e.g. Jeremy Teran – Food Photography-1.jpg)
  • Maximum of 2000 pixels on the long side is recommended, but anything above 1000 pixels will suffice.
  • Less than 1MB file size

If you have any issues uploading – please don’t struggle. Feel free to email your image to webmaster@brentwoodphotographygroup.org. Thanks!


For example: “Jim Smith – Intentional Blur 1.jpg”


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