Upcoming Events

Round Table Night

Date: Tuesday, July 3

Time: 6:30

Location: Brentwood Photography Group @ Otter Creek Church

The program for our July 3rd monthly meeting will feature our popular Round Table Night.  Four different speakers presenting four totally different topics will allow the membership a choice with regards to what area of emphasis they wish to further learn and explore.  The smaller break-out groups ensure a more relaxed setting; a setting that is more welcoming of questions and discussion.

"Abstract Photography"

Susan Ruach

Ever wonder how those “odd” abstract images are made anyway? We’ll be exploring types of abstract photography and how to make each type, some special settings that make interesting abstracts and a few iPhone apps that are especially useful in making abstract images. 

"Art of Portraiture”

Sainadh (Sai) Mallula

An art of capturing the pictorial biography of a human face, a goal of representing character, strength and studying the character of the person. Shooting different genders (make, female and kids) and dealing with the subject to get the most out of them.

As a part of this presentation I will focus on composition, selection of background , effective use of lighting, overcoming challenges of portraiture, and discuss “Pictorial Portraits”.

"Crafting the Artist Statement”

Nick Dantona

An Artist Statement can be both a necessary evil for submitting work to serious photography competitions, grants and Artist in Resident Programs; and a handrail for understanding your creative depth. This roundtable will provide a template and some soul searching for creating your very own Artist Statement.

“Your Web and Social Media Brand”

Michael Anthony

Photographers: Your Web and Social Media Brand

Do you sometimes feel lost in the digital world and confused about all the social media buzzwords? In this session, we’ll go back to the basics and lay the foundation for what you should consider as a photography brand.

We’ll cover terminology, options for tools and strategies for content. We’ll walk through the BPG media platforms as examples and give you the confidence to get out there and showcase your best images to the world!