Previous Meeting – Themed Project or Body of Work

Themed Project or Body of Work

Date: Tuesday, October 2nd

Time: 6:30

Location: Brentwood Photography Group @ Otter Creek Church

According to John Paul Caponigro, “One image is an idea.  A body of work is a way of thinking.  A collection of singular (5 star) images doesn’t necessarily create a body or work.  Five star images prove your competency.  A theme provides a cohesive meaning to a set of images.  Themes are what define a body of work.  Themes declare your voice.”

Join us as four of our talented and inspiring photographers (Dennis Mosesman, Jen Vogus, Dana Barrett, and Sharon Brown Christopher) share with us how they have personally have interpreted the challenge to develop a ‘themed project or body of work.’  


Ethiopia: Humanity through the eyes of its children

Dennis Mosesman

Long regarded as the “Cradle of Humanity”, the children of Ethiopia showed me, taught me and instilled in me, a true sense of humanity.
Each child I interacted with provided a masterpiece of compassion and community. From determined to sassy and from soulful to engaging and hopeful, the children of Ethiopia shared two common threads – authenticity and a light from within. A truly soul-drenching trip made possible by the youngest members of their society.

Dana Barrett

An Artist’s Struggle

Dana Barrett

”An Artist’s Struggle” is a studio portrait series shot to a theme. Dana says this about her project, “My series is an example of a ‘quick’ series in that the prep work was much greater then the shoot time for the series. This series was completed in the studio and was inspired by a piece of music.


Pictures of Promise

Sharon Brown Christopher

Through the spirit of the American people runs a chasm broader and deeper than at any time since the Civil War. On both sides of the divide, we find ourselves entrenched in anxiety, fear, and despair. Through the use of intentional camera movement in an Italian perfumery, I have created  a body of work titled “Pictures of Promise”  that becomes a metaphor of hope for these days in which we live.

Jen Vogus

Saturday Morning Run

Jen Vogus

Jen Vogus shares her uniquely cohesive body of work “Saturday Morning Run”.  These 52 black & white images (shot weekly over a year) convey her passion for using photography as a means of reflection and expression.   This collection is an outgrowth of fulfilling personal goals of growth, discovery, and transformation.