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Inspired By!

Below, each of our speakers shares an introduction as to what they are inspired by and also provide a glimpse of what they will be discussing at our next meeting: Tuesday, March 5 at Otter Creek Church at 6:00 pm.

Rick Borchert

Rick Borchert

What inspires me? Choosing the right light, camera angle and composition to transform something ordinary into something interesting.

John Hartleroad

The biblical creation story in the first chapter of Genesis concludes with “and it was good, very good...” I’m inspired by all that I see. Endless photographic possibilities surround us!

Michael Swindle Sr

Michael Swindle

Inspiration for me comes from creating a photograph that evokes feeling, emotion, or a response from the viewer. For instance, standing at the edge of a lake and seeing the first light of the sun shine on the mountain peaks in the distance. Over time I have found that my sources of inspiration come from more than one source. For example, the paintings from Albert Bierstadt of the American west in the use of dramatic light with dark shadows to the intimate landscapes of Eliot Porter.

David Morel - headshot

David Morel

Two years ago, I started a journey into fashion and model photography. During my education and evolution, I came across many inspirational photographers. One photographer from the United Kingdom, Jake Hicks, really caught my attention. The imagery he creates is so unique with extensive and creative use of color gels. The only thing more impressive than the beautiful images he produces is the time and effort he puts in helping other photographers improve.

Willette DuPree

Willette DuPree

Life inspires me and seeing people living life and enjoy it, witnessing the beauty and bold colors of things we see everyday is a gift. When looking through the lens of my camera I see ordinary life in a extraordinary, unique and motivating way. My style of photography is a KISS, Keeping it so simple.