Image Sizing Instructions

Photoshop Instructions:

Note – These instructions are for slightly older versions of Photoshop and, as they say, there’s a million different ways to skin a cat, but they should work for most people. Please feel free to email our Webmaster if you need help

  1. Open your image in Photoshop and navigate to Image>Image Size
  2. Make sure that Constrain Proportions (PS2019 uses a padlock) and Resample Image fields are checked.
  3. Enter 200 into the Resolution field (Pixels/Inch)
  4. Enter 10 (inches) in either Height or Width field depending which dimension of your image is larger.  The other dimension will automatically fill in.
  5. Click OK
  6. Your image is now sized at 2000 pixels along the longest edge.
  7. File > Save As, and provide a name such that you do not overwrite your original.
  8. Please take note of the size of the file that is produced – it needs to be less than 1MB, but closer to 500K is better.

Lightroom Instructions:

  1. Select your image while in Library Mode. Select Export (lower left corner).
  2. Export Location – Choose a location
  3. File Naming – Check Rename To and select Custom Name. Enter your First_Last Name into Custom Text.
  4. File Settings – Select these settings: Image Format – JPEG, Quality – 75, Color Space – sRGB, Limit File Size To: 500K
  5. Image Sizing – Check Resize to Fit and select Long Edge. Type 2000 in the box below and select “pixels”. Resolution is irrelevant.
  6. Output Sharpening – Tick Sharpen For and select Screen. Select Standard for Amount
  7. Metadata – Select Copyright and Contact Info Only
  8. Select Export (lower right corner)